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Staff Spotlight: Cynthia Oyier Posted Jun 26, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Cynthia Oyier, Hatua Likoni Accounts Manager Favorites: Food- Spaghetti with meat sauce.                          

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Staff Spotlight: Winfred Muthina John Posted Jun 06, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Winfred Muthina John, Hatua’s Mentoring Coordinator Favorites: Food= Ugali with greens and fish. Color= Depends, navy blue on a car, otherwise pink and orange. Animal =

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Staff Spotlight: Priscillah Ali Posted May 27, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Priscillah Ali, Hatua Likoni Office Manager Favorites: Food= Chapati with Beans and Biriyani. Color= Pink. Animal= Chicken. This or That: Dog vs. Cat- Dog. Morning

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