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Blood Drive to Support Church Shooting Victims Posted Apr 04, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Tragic news struck Likoni last week. On Sunday, March 23, 2014 a deadly shooting took place at the Joy in Jesus Church just a few

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Pool Day Celebration for Outstanding KCSE Scores Posted Mar 28, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

One… Two… Three! * Screams * Splash! It was a day of celebration. Hatua Likoni’s gap year students were being rewarded for their outstanding scores

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Hatua Students Reaction on KTN’s Video of ‘The Last to Graduate’ Posted Oct 18, 2013 By Hatua Likoni

During our Sunday mentoring classes, Hatua students were given an opportunity to watch a YouTube video produced by KTN media titled, ‘The Last to Graduate’

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