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How to Change the World Posted Apr 18, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Plato. Socrates. Smith. Hobbes. It may sounds like a college-level philosophy class, but in fact, it’s Gabi Fondiller’s, co-founder and director of Hatua Likoni’s, new

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Blood Drive to Support Church Shooting Victims Posted Apr 04, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

Tragic news struck Likoni last week. On Sunday, March 23, 2014 a deadly shooting took place at the Joy in Jesus Church just a few

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Pool Day Celebration for Outstanding KCSE Scores Posted Mar 28, 2014 By Hatua Likoni

One… Two… Three! * Screams * Splash! It was a day of celebration. Hatua Likoni’s gap year students were being rewarded for their outstanding scores

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