The Hatua Team

 At Hatua we are focused on helping Likoni youth enter the workforce, so when we recruit we strive to hire talented people from within Likoni. Currently our staff is comprised 100% of Likoni residents. We also encourage the best of our students to work in Hatua’s office and the Likoni Community Library during their gap year between high school and university, through which they gain helpful work experience.

Gabrielle Fondiller Director

Gabrielle Fondiller

Gabrielle is co-founder and director of Hatua Likoni. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she first lived in Kenya as a student in 2006. After graduating from Wesleyan University in 2007, she returned to Kenya and co-founded the Likoni Scholarship Fund with Peter Kwame. That year she also received the Brodigan Prize for Public Service in Africa. Gabrielle is currently pursuing a one year Master’s Degree in Management Science at Stanford University.

Peter Kwame Programs Director

Peter Kwame
Programs Director

Kwame is the programs director of Hatua Likoni. In partnership with Gabrielle Fondiller he co-founded the Likoni Scholarship Fund (now Hatua Likoni) in 2007. Kwame was born in Mombasa and has lived in Likoni since 1988. Kwame’s oversees the management and expansion of Hatua Likoni’s programs.  Kwame understands the needs and dynamics of his community, and how to listen, communicate and share with Likoni residents.

Priscillah Ali Office Manager

Priscillah Ali
Scholarship Coordinator

Priscillah joined Hatua in 2009. She is from the Coastal Province of Kenya and has been living in Likoni since 2008. Priscillah’s ensures that all school fees are paid on time, uniforms are bought for students, and that any student in need of medical attention can be treated.   Before joining our team Priscillah specialized in customer service at Diatom International Limited.

Cynthia Oyier Account Manager

Cynthia Oyier
Finance Manager

Cynthia joined Hatua in 2007. She is from the Coastal Province of Kenya but has been a Likoni resident since 2006. Cynthia manages Hatua’s financial records, budgeting, banking, spending and taxes, and ensures the completion of quarterly and annual financial reports. Before joining our Finance Department, Cynthia was one of Hatua’s most promising volunteers.

barua-bwBarua Mshenga

Liaison Office for Imarisha Vijana

Barua joined Hatua in 2015. He is from Kwale County but has been living in Likoni since 2007. Barua is in charge of referral services for the youth of Likoni who have been trained on business and career skills. Before joining Hatua’s team he served as a dedicated member of Hatua Likoni’s Board of Advisors. Additionally, he has over 10 years of experience in the community development sector, working primarily to support livelihoods and environmental conservation within coastal fishing communities.

Evans Omondi Resource Center Coordinator

Evans Omondi
Resource Center Coordinator

Evans joined Hatua in 2012. He is from Busia County and has been living in Likoni for over 30 years. Evan’s is in charge of Hatua’s library. He manages the library staff and oversees all library operations and programs. Before joining us Evans was awarded a diploma in management and marketing from the Institute of Commercial Management (UK).