Targeted Support for Success! Posted March 27, 2017


One of the many great things about being a part of the Hatua Family Team is their willingness to continue learning and improving personally and professional….and furthermore working together to do such things!

We are very honored and proud to have been one of the few Segal Family Foundation(SFF) partners to be selected for their Targeted Compacity Support (TCS) this year. The TCS is an intensive capacity-building program designed to leverage SFF’s resources and launch their best partners (us!) to their next level of impact.


Our program with SFF kicked off Monday morning ( March 20th) with a site visit to Hatua’s office in Likoni. We always look forward to these visits as it truly feels like your catching up with old friends who care just as much about your work as you do and they genuinely want to see you succeed and congratulate you on your accomplishments. That morning we were able to sit for more than an hour with each other just explaining our work and projects in each department. This was followed up with an introduction to our homework helpers and Computer Skills program being conducted that day along with a thorough library tour. We ended the day talking to our enthusiastic and energetic gap year students.


The following morning, we all met up at the Royal Court Hotel in town for our first full day of capacity building and assessment work shop. Memorable activities included mind mapping Hatua’s mission and identifying and comparing characteristics of our students as we first invite them into our program, as they prepare to graduate university, and what they would look like 5 years after university graduation as alumni of our program. We than took it a step further to identify activities and data collection processes we have in place to help support these key values and characteristics we ideally want all our students to come out of our program with. This was a great exercise which illustrated areas for improvement as Hatua’s alumni program increase in size every year.  The following day was equally rewarding as we took a hard look at our M&E practices, our connections within the communities (major stakeholders), fundraising strategies, and leadership strategies. To conclude the day we had an exciting discussion among the team about Hatua’s plans for future growth, replication and scale.







With each passing year Hatua’s programs grows larger and more robust. It’s safe to say we have big plans for the future which includes expanding our programs to all regions of Mombasa within the next decade! These are big picture goals and here at Hatua we believe you can never start preparing too early. For our students that means hitting the books hard but as a team this means thinking ahead of the game and planning for it. Therefore, this year with the help of the Segal Family Foundation, we will be focusing on fine tuning our programs, data collection, communication outreach and reporting practices to make sure all aspects continue to align with our vision and work towards our mission.

Many thanks to the SFF Team for taking time out of their busy schedules to facilitate such a well-organized and executed workshop. We look forward to working with you again and we are excited to hear you feedback.



IMG_6478We are excited to report that we have concluded our 2 week training which taught our 36 gap year students the curriculum they will be facilitating in secondary schools throughout Likoni, as well as on basic classroom facilitation skills.

IMG_6412 IMG_6432

From Feb 27th to March 10th 2017 our Gap Year students learned how to facilitate lessons on employment and employability, goal setting, networking for future careers, and how to identify and overcome obstacles that one will face when deciding a career path. Additionally, our gap year students worked on building up their self confidence, leadership and public speaking skills. They learned best practices for setting learning goals, as well as how to give and receive feedback to one another as they work to improve their facilitation skills and work ethics. Their positivity and excitement to start teaching in the community is contagious!

Furthermore, we are extremely proud of how quickly they have come together as a team and support each other as a family. Last Saturday the students organized themselves to visit and give money to a Hatua parent, father of gap year student Noah Simiyu, who was recently involved in a very serious road accident.


Their thoughtfulness and family spirit is something we want all of our students to embody. It’s such a joy to seem them already putting this values into practice. We know with their enthusiasm and positive outlook the 2017 Peer Mentoring Program will be a success. We look forward to updating you on their progress as they begin teaching their peers.


Karibu New Team Members! Posted February 28, 2017



Thanks to the help of the Segal Family Foundation for connecting us with Edge Consultancy firm, Hatua would like to welcome Boniface Kimunyi, our new Secondary Student Mentoring Coordinator and Maureen Mulombi, our new University Students Career Guidance Coordinator. We are extremely excited and grateful to have both Maureen & Boniface join our Hatua team and bring their specialized expertise to these new positions.



Boniface has already hit the ground running using his previous work experience as a Director at Choice Counseling and as a lead coach with Success Coaching to lead the way in providing one on one counselling session for our students. Boniface’s passion for helping and uplifting youth is inspiring, contagious, and just what the position requires. We are thrilled to have him be in charge of implementing our Secondary Mentoring Programs as well as Hatua’s Gap Year Programs and we know our students will be able to confide, learn, and be their best selves through his guidance.


That being said, a major goal of Hatua has always been to see our scholars succeed in their personal lives but also their professional careers once they graduate from our program. With Maureen leading the university mentoring and alumni programs, Hatua scholars are sure to find career mentors and the avenues to help build up their work experience and their CV’s. Maureen has a robust background of helping youth do this very thing! At her previous job with Vision Institute at Professional in Mombasa she advised youth and helped connect them to professional networks where they could apply for jobs.  Maureen brings the insider insight, connections, and enthusiasm that Hatua needs to launch our scholars out into Kenya’s growing job market.

Please join us in congratulating Boniface and Maureen! Be sure to stop by the office, introduce yourself and welcome them to the team and the to Hatua Family! Our doors are always open. See you soon!