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100% of Hatua’s Alumni are working within 6 months of graduating from university! Posted Oct 30, 2017 By Judith Stalter

Today’s blog post was written by one of Hatua’s newest team members, Judy Munge. Thank you for your contribution Judy! Get to know Hatua Alumni: 

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Hatua celebrates 68 High School & University Graduates in 2017! Posted Oct 23, 2017 By Judith Stalter

For any family the end of a year is an exciting chapter to close and the same goes for the Hatua Family! We can’t believe

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Hatua Teams up with Doctors Worldwide- KENYA Posted Aug 29, 2017 By Judith Stalter

On Saturday, August 26th Hatua was able to briefly transform our community library into a free medical clinic for our students thanks to the help of

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