Hatua Students Love their JOBS! Posted May 18, 2016 by Judith Stalter



“I love medicine and I love my job… Seeing a person that is sick and being able to help heal their pain…it keeps me coming back day after day. ”

Biabu Adam is 27 years old and is a recent graduate from our program! We are proud to announce that in 2015 she graduated from Kenyatta University in Nairobi with a Bachelors degree in Medicine & Surgery. Currently, she is working at Kilifi County Hospital while undergoing her clinical rounds, the final step to before officially becoming a license doctor!

Biabu overcame many obstacles and challenges to get to where she is now. The biggest one being raising the funds to continue her education through university. She had the good grades, determination and passion to pursue a degree in medicine but unfortunately that could only take her so far. After succeeding brilliantly during her first year of medical school, Biabu was forced to differ from school because she could not pay the outstanding school payments nor the upcoming school fees.

After returning home to Likoni she was determined to raise the needed funds and return to school. That’s when she was introduced to Hatua Likoni’s Director, Gabrielle Fondiller in December 2009. At the time Hatua could not offer her any scholarships but instead offered Biabu a position at their office as a volunteer helping to develop Hatua’s mentorship program until the next application season. As a young person living in Likoni there is a lot of peer pressure to become involved in troublesome activities. Looking back, Biabu is grateful and values the opportunities to volunteer at Hatua and do constructive activities with her time as she waited to return to school.

The natural talent and compassion of helping others was passed down to Biabu from her mother. Baibu’s childhood memories are of her mother opening up their house to the sick members of their community and helping to nurse them back to health. Biabu shares the same values and moral practices of her mother but was driven to expand her knowledge of medicine in school. After one year of volunteering with Hatua she submitted her application for a university scholarship with Hatua and was accepted- giving her a second chance to continue her studies and become a doctor.



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