Touching base with Boniface… Posted April 28, 2017 by Judith Stalter


Today’s blog post was written by one of Hatua’s newest team members, Boniface Kimunyi. Thank you for your contribution Boniface!



I have been thinking on what to write in the organization’s blog. I am a content writer which means that I am used to writing. I am also what you would call a creative. In one of the personality tests that I took in my line of work I found that I am a high frequency thinker. That is something a physicist might understand. However, to break it down for us the common folks to who physics was not a cup of tea; a high frequency thinker is a person who gets very many intrusive thoughts and ideas against time. That said, I had a million and two ideas on what I can write in this blog. After filtering through the many ideas and almost getting exhausted along the way, I settled on writing about my wonderful experience at Hatua Likoni for the first three months.

When one joins a new company, the first months are characterized by a lot of learning: learning the job roles and responsibilities, learning the good and the bad sides of the colleagues, learning the company’s work culture and much more. My first three months at Hatua were no different. However, I must bring to the attention of everyone who is taking a break off their work to read this article an interesting aspect about the work culture at Hatua Likoni. Actually I would prefer to refer to it as a work and fun culture.

The Hatua Likoni team is characterized by colleagues who are tremendously welcoming. I remember telling myself that the colleagues must be pretending. This cannot be real, probably they are just showing their fun and pleasant sides because there are two new co-workers. Today, being three months old at Hatua, I would wish to appreciate the work of Gabi and Kwame- the directors for providing such a wonderful working relationship. Hope that you note that I have referred to them with their first names. That is how cool our directors are. They have created an environment whereby one can go to the office with an enthusiastic mood ready to work for the Likoni Community.

Social Psychologists have studied and proven that a conducive environment is very instrumental in improving the performance of the workers.  Additionally, it makes the employee feel important and respected in the work place. This in turn encourages them to give themselves more freely to their work and other work- related responsibilities. This enables the company or the organization to have a competitive edge over all its competitors.

Therefore, the work and fun culture at Hatua Likoni could be one of its strengths. This could be the reason behind the exemplary work done by all the staffs who are motivated to work beyond the normal working hours to create an impact in Likoni and in Mombasa County.

I am proud to be a member of Hatua Likoni.



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