Relaunching Hatua’s Professional Mentoring Program! Posted May 16, 2017 by Judith Stalter


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“A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people.” – Debi Mazar

These words embody the very core guiding principles that define Hatua Likoni and is manifested by the numerous individuals and companies who support our programs and continually give back to Likoni. Together we are ensuring Kenya’s youth can complete their education, find professional jobs and secure prosperous and bright futures for themselves and their families.




On Friday, April 21st, Hatua Likoni held its first mentor-networking event since the launch of their redesigned professional mentoring program. In short, the program aims to match highly talented students from underprivileged background with understanding and accomplished professionals to help them navigate through their career path.

Over 60 people gathered at Mombasa Yacht Club that Friday evening for a casual night of networking and learning more about Hatua’s professional mentoring program and the roles they could play. The event was marked by memorable presentations from Hatua’s founders, the mentoring program coordinator and testimonies from Hatua’s alumni. Furthermore, Hatua’s current mentors spoke on behalf of the program, illustrating the fulfillment they gained from having the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with this next generation of youth and give back to the community.

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At the end of the evening, we were pleased to have been offered numerous attachment opportunities for Hatua University students and had even more professionals express their interest in giving back to Likoni’s youth and becoming a part of the Hatua family as professional mentors/career coaches.

Thank you to all those who attended the event, to our current mentors, and to those who have expressed sincere interest in helping guide Hatua students throughout their journey from poverty to professional careers.


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