Hatua Teams up with Doctors Worldwide- KENYA Posted August 29, 2017 by Judith Stalter


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On Saturday, August 26th Hatua was able to briefly transform our community library into a free medical clinic for our students thanks to the help of the generous team of medical professionals of Doctors Worldwide.

Whether it be the staff, fellow beneficiaries, parents, siblings, mentors or supporters of Hatua, the physical health and wellbeing of our students is something that weighs heavy on all our hearts. Many sicknesses in within Kenya are treatable and manageable if detected in time and proper medical attention is received. However, given the economic background of our students, seeking medical attention tends to be a last resort due to financial struggles.

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As you can imagine the impact of our scholarship, mentoring and career guidance programs relays heavily on the active participation of our students. For a long time now, Hatua has been trying to find partners to work with us and help provide medical care for our beneficiaries. It’s an essential piece to the puzzle, ensuring Hatua students are healthy, happy and are able to reach their full potential.

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We are so grateful to the many thoughtful volunteers at Doctors Worldwide and Hatua’s medical students for providing 172 secondary students with free medical checkups and referrals. Together we are moving forward and taking the additional yet necessary steps to securing of the future of Mombasa’s most bright and promising youth. Thank you!!

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