About Likoni

mapMombasa is Kenya’s second largest city. An island located in the Indian Ocean, it is home to East Africa’s largest port, making Mombasa a hub of international commerce. Still, unemployment is high and incomes are low.


©Todd Shapera

Likoni sits on the mainland, south of the city’s center, accessible from town only by ferry. It is mostly residential, with a rapidly growing population of 200,000 people. The Mijikenda are indigenous to the area and make up about half the population. Migrants  from other parts of the country,and other ethnic groups, make up the second half.

©Todd Shapera

Likoni is the poorest area of Mombasa. The largest sectors of employment are informal street vending, stone quarrying and day labor at the port. Most incomes are between USD 2 and 4 per day, enough to afford food and rent for one room but not medical bills and school fees. As a result, Likoni residents are under-educated and under-represented in Kenyan universities.