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We continue to be amazed by our international supporters from around the world. Thanks to the hard work of Roger Hobby & Franklin Craig, lobbying on Hatua Likoni’s behalf, they have acquired a total of 15 laptops for Hatua university students and 4 desktop computers and 1 scanner to donate to Hatua’s Cyber Café since the New Year.  A majority of these computers were donated from the Baker and McKenzie office in Paris, France. However Mr. Hobby& Mr. Craig have graciously reached out to many of their colleagues and friends from other businesses which have also supported this donation collection (as listed below).


Since we are finding that many universities are beginning to require students to use computer to complete and submit their school work these donation are extremely valuable and could not have come at a better time.  In today’s world, computer and technology skills are a must. These donations will help our students not only to improve their skills but explore new opportunities and excel in school.


Hatua Likoni and the individual students receiving these computers are forever grateful for this generous gift. It’s an awesome sight to see students in the library learning how to use their own personal computers, something they thought they’d never be able have before. Our hope is to begin sending every Hatua student off to university with their own personal laptop each September. This will allow our beneficiaries too keep up with the ever changing world of technology and open the doors to a whole new range of possibilities and opportunities!


Once again, Hatua extend a big thank you to the following individuals and companies who made this possible!

Wallace Baker

Judith Bingham

Karsten Ruf

Franklin Craig – material and transport

Kelli Wilde

Gulfem Demiray

Paul and Dorothy Lochak

Jerry Ziaja

Anne Atik-Arikha

Lane and Oliver Dusserre

Michael Oborne

Don Device

Jean Jost

Gianluca Costanzi

Marla and Fred Lappe

Brandy Koch

Sheikha Mariam Al-Sabah

Margery Arent Safir

Jackie, Herve and Melissa Farman


Champeau & Wilde Design

Baker & McKenzie

The Arts Arena


* If you know of any business that would like participate in this cause and donate their used computers to needy students please contact us!

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