Community Partnerships

To promote Hatua’s mission we support the work of other outstanding community based organizations working on behalf of Likoni youth. Since 2007, Hatua has co-hosted a number of events for the Likoni community, including beach clean ups, talent shows, football tournaments and literacy days.

Since 2013, Hatua Likoni in partnership with Kenya Association of Muslim Medical Professionals and other stakeholders organize an annual Free Medical Camp in Likoni for the entire south coast community.

The Likoni Community Football League

The Likoni Community Football League (LCFL) was started by volunteer football coaches throughout Likoni with the help of Ben Levey, an American who volunteered with Hatua Likoni from February through November 2011.

Before the LCFL, Likoni was a community of over 170,000 people without a single well organized extra-curricular activity for kids. Many young boys and girls play football (soccer) on community teams, but the teams lacked a league to provide a structure for frequent matches. This was particularly limiting for young footballers whose early potential faded with age due to lack of competition. Now, the LCFL organizes weekly games and championship tournaments every third month for hundreds of young Likoni footballers.

Hatua Likoni is playing a pivotal role in the development of the LCFL, serving as an incubator for this organization. We assist the LCFL with office and meeting space, internet access, web presence, and financial support by processing its donations and helping to manage its finances. We are excited to help this impactful community effort grow in Likoni and look forward to supporting other such outstanding organizations in future.


LCFL Coaches

The LCFL’s organizers have big goals, they aim to build the best youth football league in Kenya.

Visit the LCFL’s website. To donate to the LCFL, please click here.

Civic Education

In May 2012, Hatua Likoni and the Likoni University Students Association co-hosted a civic education event for Likoni form four students. Guest speakers discussed the New Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the importance of peace in the upcoming elections. The event resulted in the formation of two new programs, the Likoni Youth Agenda and the Likoni Civic Education Network.


Through entertainment, the Likoni Youth Agenda seeks to bring young people together in a comfortable environment to provide them with civic education so that they can become responsible and informed Kenyan citizens.


Members of Likoni Youth Agenda

Since their formation, the Likoni Youth Agenda have hosted talent shows and end of exam parties to raise civic awareness and a voter registration campaign.


The Likoni Civic Education Network, comprised of CSOs from Likoni, is focused on raising civic awareness among the general public.

It has held a one week workshop with 20 participants representing 20 different organization within Likoni with a focus on civic education  in reference to the Kenyan constitution.