In Likoni, unemployment is high, wages are low and secondary education is expensive, costing about 27,000 Kenyan Shillings ($400) per student per year. Few Likoni families can afford these fees, so most students end their education after primary school, when they are about 14.

©Todd Shapera

The Hatua Scholarship Fund works to increase the number of Likoni students able to attend and complete secondary school by providing scholarships to dedicated students whose families can’t afford school fees.

We select approximately 95% of our secondary students from 8th grade classes at Likoni’s public primary schools and 5% from public secondary schools and partner with their families to pay educational expenses.

©Todd Shapera

With greater access to education, more Likoni students will become qualified for university and good jobs, enabling them to increase Likoni’s standard of living by providing for themselves and their future families.

In our first year, 2007, we sponsored eight students. Now in 2016, Hatua Likoni will be sponsoring 300 students,  in Secondary School , College and University.

Every scholarship is merit and need-based. The exact amount of each scholarship is determined by the cost of each school and the amount each family is able to contribute. Our scholarships include fees, uniforms, books, bags, shoes, lunch for day students or boarding fees for boarders, school trips and holiday mentoring.

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