sponsor kenyanWhy become a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you’ll receive:

Student sponsorship donations are processed as an automatic monthly payment of 42 USD, 35 EUR or 28 GBP for secondary school students and 67 USD, 54 EUR or 45 GBP for college and university students. You can change or end your sponsorship at any time by emailing sponsor@hatualikoni.org.

Secondary Student

Secondary education is not free in Kenya, instead costing about half of the average Likoni parent’s income. As a result few Likoni youth are able to continue their education past age 14. By sponsoring a secondary student you help break the cycle of poverty by enabling a poor, gifted student to continue their education. Your sponsorship provides school fees, notebooks and textbooks, uniform and shoes, boarding or transportation and lunch and weekly mentoring sessions. This comprehensive approach to sponsorship helps ensure that our students make the most of secondary education and create opportunities for themselves after graduation.

College/University Student

With a diploma or degree, young Kenyans are in a much better position to follow their career choice and secure good jobs. Very few Likoni youths are able to pursue further education because of the costs involved, and as a result are underrepresented in professional fields. By sponsoring one of our students to continue through college/university, you are significantly improving their chances of realizing their career and life goals. Your sponsorship includes fees, boarding, textbooks and other learning material, transport where necessary and ongoing support from an identified mentor in the student’s industry of interest.