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12. Abubakar Abdi

Abubakar Abdi, a beneficiary of Hatua Likoni, is 20 years old and has been a part of our program since 2012. Since joining Hatua, he has excelled in his studies and has become one of our most promising students. It is clear to everyone that he has an extraordinary talent for public speaking and is a role model to many of the youth in Likoni. When you see him conduct lessons as a student facilitator with such confidence and ease, you automatically think this type of thing comes easy to him. However, Abubakar says that public speaking never came natural and it took a lot of effort.

“Hatua has given me the tools to help improve my communication skills, in English and Kiswahili. They’ve given me a platform to practice and reach out to many. I’m so grateful.”

Through hard work, constant practice and participation, Abubakar has become one of Hatua Likoni’s most accomplished student leaders. With such a compelling voice and a passion for making a difference, he is sure to be successful in the years to come as he pursues a degree as a clinical officer at Kenya Medical Training College in Mombasa.

To pursue this career was no easy choice. In preparing to continue his education Abubakar had a few course options to choose from owing largely to his outstanding academic performances in secondary school. It took him much thought, consideration, and sincere reflection on past events before he came to his final decision…

Back in 2011, Abubakar’s mother fell very sick. She needed an urgent, life saving blood transfusion, but was denied access due to the lack of funds needed to purchase the blood bags. As a result of not getting transfusion, she passed away. Only after she had passed did Abubakar and his family find out that this treatment should have actually been free of charge and what that healthcare facility had done, by demanding money for the blood needed was illegal. One cannot imagine the pain and sorrow Abubakar and his family had to endure, nor the strength that it continues to take to cope with this kind of loss. However, now it has become Abubakar’s driving force inside of him. He will stop it nothing to end corruption in the healthcare system and hopes to inspire others around him to follow his lead. There is no doubt in our minds that he has what it takes to fulfill this dream. Hatua Likoni is proud to be a part of his journey and will continue to support him and others like him every step of the way.

We wish Abubakar the best of luck as he begins college this week and we thank him for sharing his story with us. We look forward to paying witness to the bright future ahead of him.


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