Volunteer Housing Posted July 18, 2011 by Hatua Likoni


Hatua Likoni volunteers and interns have the opportunity to be housed at Pungu beach, which is on the way to Shelley roughly 7km from the Hatua office. Access to the main land is via the ferry then you take either a tuk taxi or motor bike costing approximately 30ksh-50ksh [one way] to Pungu.

The residence is a three bedroom bungalow with a makuti roof complete with two bathrooms [both with a shower]; the unit also has a kitchenette, a little living room and a small backyard. The best thing is you have direct access to the beach for that relaxing swim after work. Residents have a clear view of the magical sunrise and enchanting sunsets. The flat at Pungu provides that coastal Likoni feel reminding you that volunteering does not have to be all hard and arduous, you can also relax during down time. There is also a beach bar about 500 meters walk along the seashore, for that night cap or happy hour on Thursday.

Full board per week, per person is 11,500ksh, this includes meals and basic cleaning of the flat. Funds go toward funding Hatua Likoni’s various projects. Meals range from the coveted Swahili cuisine to a more local flavor. Security in the area is exemplary, both provided exclusively within the compound [in the which] the flat is located and in the surrounding environs.

In addition volunteers from other agencies are also welcome, as well as staff from other organizations, or patrons interested in long term leisure.

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